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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blue Crown Update

One of the first posts I wrote when I started blogging was about my Blue Crown Passion Flowers. I thought I would do an update on them! I'll tell you! I absolutely LOVE this plant! I've never been so attached to a plant before!!! Well, accept for "Glads" which will ALWAYS bring back memories of my Grandmother. Above is a picture I took last night of one of the Blooms. I still LOVE how complex this flower is! I take a stroll back to see them every day!
Here is a picture of 2 blooms side-by-side. The fun part with this flower is that some days there will be 1 or 2 blooms and others days there will be several. You never know when they will open and close! Yesterday - when I took these pictures - there were 7 blooms!
Here you can see just how much it has traveled in one season and it you look REALLY close you will be able to see the blooms and the side-by-side bloom in the upper left hand corner.


Kimmarie said...

Your blog design is so pretty. That flower is amazingly gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it! tfs

Nicole said...

those flowers are gorgeous!!! Have a great weekend as well!

Nicole said...

your flowers are gorgeous!! Have a great weekend as well!

craftyvegan said...

I totally missed this post! thanks for the heads up, I'd love to paint those flowers!

Anonymous said...

This Blue Crown flower is beautiful and interesting the way they grow side by side. I don't see it in Singapore, but I'm hoping they have it here as well :)