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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Few Things I Have Been Up To Lately

Some of you may already know that I have been working on my family tree with some help from Ann, Bonnie, and Mr. Larsen in Norway. Since I have been making some progress with that I have decided to make one just for my Dad's Mom's Side, another for his Dad's Side and so far I am keeping my Mom's parents combined. I might change that down the road. As of last night my Dad's Dad's Side I have found one line back to 1093 England and France! Exciting! I have been using MyHeritage for organizing!

I lost several of my links in the theme change so I am still trying to get back into the swing of things there.

My mom and I have been keeping busy with the Candle Biz. Right now we are looking forward to the new products and scents and pre-Valentine's Day orders...we are putting together a few gift baskets as well!

Our weather has been REALLY crappy here lately...this weekend I only left my house once and that was last night for a post-holiday office party. The snow is supposed to continue...hopefully not as much, and the temperatures are going to drop even more which I am not looking forward to.

I have been pretty obsessed with the newest version of Bejeweled lately too...addicting...

I should be crafting or scrapping or something but I just don't have it in my lately....blah! HELP!!!!!


Ann Hedvig said...

Wow all the way back to 1036, that is a loooong way back.

I'm sooo impressed with all you have found in such short time :o)

kyllimarjaana said...

We have reseaarch in our familytree on my fathers side . I got lot of family papers in my holdin . The oldest papers are from 1849 . They all are original papers . What a feeling to handle my grandfathers granfaters papers . They have some value .

Riley said...

That's so exciting about your family heritage! I'm sure it's very interesting!

I am sorry you have lost your "mojo". When ever I feel like that, I got blog surfing or hit up Splitcoast Stampers for some inspiration.. maybe try that and see if that helps???

I think participating in challenges also helps get the juices flowing! I hope you find inspiration soon!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Just stopping by to say HI

Edleen said...

Jennifer, you seem to be occupied with lots of great projects :)

truly hope to see some scrapbook pages or...more food! hehe...

kyllimarjaana said...

Hi ! Just letting you know that I've tagged you for a bloggin avard. It means that I like your blog alot and I've linked it so others can take a look at it . There are some things you need to do , so chech my blog for it .


Kimmarie said...

Sounds so interesting. You been keeping very busy. Good luck with the candle orders.