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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monkey See Monkey DO

Or in this case...Cat see...Cat Do. This is Gabby and Charlie. Charlie was our first "kid". He's pretty feral but we love him. Gabby is a gentle soul. They are like day and night...but they are BUDS. In our bathroom is an old chair we put stuff on including towels, etc. Well, about a year ago Gabby decided to make it her thrown. She LOVES it up there. Now...Charlie is all about the towel stacked chair. Just about every time you go in there ONE of them is sitting on top. Apparently they BOTH wanted access the other night and before I called it quits and turned in...I found this adorable sight! Aren't they cute? Gabby is a tiny girl...only about 7 pounds but she looks BIG in this picture. Charlie is a very long cat...about 15 or 17 pounds or so...and here they look the same size! Charlie is snuggled in pretty good tho. Just HAD to share! I love my kids!


Katamommy said...

They are so cute! My kitty, Crickette, get in all sorts of tight places.

Zoa said...

your cats are sooooo cute! I just wanna scoop them up! HA!!

hope you are doing good- I haven't seen you much lately! :)