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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ready Set Create Calls for April/May

Ready-Set-Create calls for April/May 2009 issue

1. Mother's Day
2. Use your favorite technique! (stamping, embossing, quilling, inking, etc) and make sure to include a short note on WHY it's your favorite!
3. Memorial day - "In Memory Of" - scrap about someone who was an important person in your life (family - celebrity - etc)
4. International holidays (layouts or gift ideas)
5. Open gallery (any theme)
6. Cards (any theme)
7. Altered art (any theme)

Email: _________________
Project title:_____________


Deadline: March 10, 2009 MST at midnight

Please copy and paste the short submission form into an email to Jen@readysetcreate.com.
If your work is selected you will be notified, and receive a free downloadable copy of the issue your work appears in

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I have not been able to get intot the forum at RSC in months! It says I dont exsist but when I try to sign back up it says that the ID is already taken. Can I submit stuff that has been online, like at splitcoast or my blog or does she still have the "never before seen" rule? That's why I haven't been submitting latley.