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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stampelkallan Project of the Week using Stamp of the Week

 Earlier this week you saw me use this stamp from Stampelkallan and I thought I would use it again today for the Project of the Week which was Napkin Holders.  I have to admit I was completely out of my realm with this project.  I used one of my hand inked glossy papers and stamped the image on top then colored it in.  I found a MISC Napkin Holder Template online and printed that out on designer paper as you can see in the background.  On top of the center of the printed out paper I added the circle cut out of the stamped image.  I added a sticker on top and taped the ends together.  As you can see the grip is loose but I wanted to show the colors and band or holder.
And here you can see a closer look minus the napkin and silverware.  I am really enjoying stamping on the alcohol inked glossy papers I am making! 


Opal said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Rush'd Lady said...

Do you mind if I CASE this idea? I teach a preschool Sunday School class and this would be a great craft for them to do for Thanksgiving.

Jennifer said...

Rush'd Lady - Feel free :) Let me know if you post a pic and when it's up! I would love to see the projects!