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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Howdy Stranger!

Hello there!  It's been so long!  WHY?  You ask...well, I let people get to me, I let life get crazy, and I got lazy!  In short, that's what's been up, I suppose!  

But...it's a new year and I decided to make some changes!

I'll be crafting for ME.  Not necessarily for others.  I'm renaming this blog!  It will now be called Blissful Crafting Place.  I purchased the dot com, too!  So regardless of what you type in it will all meet here!  The FWD seems to be working well so I am going to do that for another one of my blogs, too!  I have been Blogging over there a lot more lately, too, if you want to check that out it's located at http://blissfulyogajourney.blogspot.com but soon it will also be available at http://myblissfuljourney.com.

Just a quick check in but I will be easing into crafting again and posting here as often as I can but I will be an almost everyday poster over at the Blissful Journey Blog, too!  Stop by when you can!

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Opal @ Playing with Fiber said...

Cograts, when it comes to my crafts I'm not on a schedule, I do what makes me happy. Anything else would become a chore. Which is why I don't overextend myself. I stay busy with my regular work, I don't need to ad crafts into something I 'must do'. Then it would become something I hate.

It's not always easy to ignore those that might get to you, but I mastered ignoring the negative folks a long time ago. Although I admit it's much easier to do online than in person.

I know you'll enjoy posting on your terms a lot more.