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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Quinoa

I recently bought a new kind of Red Quinoa. Many of you may not know what Quinoa is - so CLICK HERE for the Wiki Page. It's great stuff! In short...it's a grain that the Inca's used. It's a complete protein and it's gluten free.

I like both regular Quinoa as well as Red Quinoa. I think the Red is a tad more flavorful. I often put it in a Hummus Quinoa Casserole that is featured in the Vive Le Vegan Cookbook by Dreena Burton.

I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes, too! If I have success with any of them - I will let you know!


Anonymous said...

how do you like the cookbook? I'm looking for a gift for my sister (she is veggie but not vegan)and I wanted to get her another cookbook. Also i love quiona for breakfast too with applesauce, sounds weird but it's yummy! Also Quonia is pronaounce Keen-Wa, I pronounced it wrong for years...but since many people think I'm an authority on health food noone questioned me! I'm not an authority on spelling as you can see. I can't wait to get the package, did you put on a return addy so I can send you some goodies? if not just send me an email!

M said...

Red Quinoa! Don't think I've ever seen it here (in Norway) - only the regular kind. Must look for it! :o)