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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flowering Tea

I got a gift certificate for Christmas for a local herb store. With it I decided to buy a Glass Tea Pot like the one pictured above. The one I bought was also from Numi but it's a little different. The most important part is I can now purchase Flowering Tea and watch it bloom in this tea pot. I've always been a Tea Lover but have recently gotten into this Flowering Tea. For a little bit more info check out this video I found on YouTube. It's a different brand but you can see several different buds bloom and dance.


kyllimarjaana said...

I newer heard of flowering teas . Rigt now I'm going to be tee lover .

Happy New Year !

Riley said...

This is really really cool!

Happy New Year to you too! DH and I were also in by around 6 or so tonight... going out on New Year's is overrated!

Hope you had a great night :)

Anonymous said...

that is wild! I've never seen those before! How are you liking the expression! I love my big "E"!